We look forward to sharing FREUDE.FOREVER No. 1 SEVEN SENSES with you. In this issue you will find a closer look at how the notion of value and the things we treasure are changing around us, thanks to ingenious ideas and bravery to see them through. We see this as an opportunity to discover how we can become aware of our pos­sibilities, appreciate what cannot be taken for granted and recognise our senses as a gateway to experiencing real innovation. All in the hope that in the future, more and more people will be able to experience this too, and draw inspi­ration from these stories.

FREUDE.FOREVER is a symbol of innovation and creativity, breaking new ground in the world of storytelling, always looking for new ideas and eager to learn from the best. The people behind the stories love progress and find solutions for the big, but also for the small challenges of our time. They roll up their sleeves to improve the world we live in and take responsibility for it, leaving readers inspired and motivated to look to a better future.  

The way we tell these stories is different. We have taken the human senses as a guideline to structure our ideas. The real power behind innovation, we believe, lies in the ability to touch us all differently. Just what inspires us, and to what extent, depends heavily on our personality and affects us on a deep sensory level. It is something we all share, regardless of who or where we are.  

FREUDE.FOREVER is made to be and feel special, from page to page, story to story, issue to issue. We hope it will find a special place in your collection, too.