FREUDE.FOREVER issue NO.1 is unfortunately sold out. Our second issue will be published in fall 2023.

We find ourselves at a point, where innovation is the driving force behind real, positive change - a time where bright ideas and the people behind them take centre stage. FREUDE.FOREVER reflects this in every issue, in every story, on every page.


We look forward to sharing FREUDE.FOREVER No. 1 – SEVEN SENSES with you. In this issue you will find a closer look at how the notion of value and the things we treasure are changing around us, thanks to ingenious ideas and bravery to see them through. We see this as an opportunity to discover how we can become aware of our possibilities, appreciate what cannot be taken for granted and recognise our senses as a gateway to experiencing real innovation. All in the hope that in the future, more and more people will be able to experience this too, and draw inspiration from these unique stories. 

Marie Aigner’s sound­absoring furniture gives you something to look at – and a little bit of that much­ needed peace of mind. We visited the designer in her home in Munich.

Known as “The Philosopher Chef”, South Korean chef and nun Jeong Kwan has almost singlehandedly ushered in a new understanding of what fine dining is really supposed to be and do.

The allelectric BMW i7 is the brand’s new benchmark when it comes to perfection. We take you on an exclusive, intimate and visually stunning tour with unprecedented photographic perspectives.

Maria Zakurnaeva’s start-up Furoid has the potential to change the fashion industry from within by building a future where animals no longer have to die for their fur.